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We are committed to transparency and integrity. We partner with lenders who operate the same way.

We have partnered with over a dozen traditional and private lenders. They look to us to supply them with the best information in a safe and secure manner. Many of our lending partners have direct portals where we can upload applications directly to their underwriters. We have also created our own secure electronic document management portal.

  • We secure your data as if its our own. We minimize the eyes that view your sensitive information. That’s because we are more than just brokers. We are your business lending resource and advisor.
  • Our lending partners trust that Benchmark Commercial Lending provides the best customer service along with good mistake-free documents. The alternative lending industry is relatively new compared to the frustrating, but traditional commercial lending industry. As such, every lending partner is different. Benchmark Commercial Lending takes the time to understand the differences between each lending partner. We know their strengths, weaknesses and pricing.

Too many borrowers are overwhelmed by the choices that suddenly exists and wind up submitting multiple applications to lenders they know very little about. It’s important to maintain your data and information and know what it is you’re applying for when submitting applications. Our job is to understand your business and funding needs then connect you with the best option.