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Hassle-free Small Business loans up to $2,000.000.00

Rate of interest: 5.7% and Up

The key to business growth is Benchmark Commercial Lending

Rate of interest: 5.7% and up

Looking to set up or expand your business?

Rate of interest: 5.7% and above

Approval within 24 hours

Nominal interest rates

Guarantors and Non Guarantor Loans

Minimum documentation

Commercial Lending, Finance, and Leasing Options.
How can we help you today?

If the options listed below are not quite what you need, let us create a custom funding solution for you. Contact us today to discuss your individual situation and requirements.

Business Loans

If you have a business idea, we have the knowledge on how to support it. Business requires a solid foundation to launch successful growth.

Real Estate Loans

Our Commercial Real Estate loan allows you to purchase a new buildiong, to renovate an existing property or to grow your real estate portfolio. Regardless of what you require, we will find the solution.


Refinancing adds flexibility to your financial structure, by taking control and sculpting your financial situation, to assist with the progress in achieving your goals.

Our Business Loan Products

If you know which product you would like to apply for, choose one from below:

Flexible Term Loan

Pay regular repayments at a fixed interest rate over time.

Apply Now

Flexible Credit Line

Get access to a pool of funds when you need capital for your business.

Apply Now

Invoice Finance Loan

Advance your cash by collateralizing your unpaid invoices.

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Merchant Funding Loan

Turn future credit card sales into funds you need to run your business.

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Real Estate Loans

Purchase business real estate or refinance existing real estate debt.

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Secured Business Loans

Use equipment or real estate to secure funding. Great for startups.

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Our Business Lending Process and How it work

We offer a fast “No-Document” and a traditional “Full Document” lending process.

Documentation is the way our traditional bank lending partners assess the risk of giving you a loan.

With the growth of technology in the lending process this process has been simplified. We offer “Detailed Document Preparation Assistance” to make the process easier.

Our non bank lending partners offer a great way for small businesses seeking quality rates and decent terms to get financed without having to provide a significant amount of business and financial documentation. Contact a lending advisor at 800-783-7550 today.

Get Started Simple & Securely

We have created a simple and straight forward process to applying for funding. Submit your request and depending on the amount and type of loan our advisors will detail the next step.

We will determine if low documentation of full documentation is simplest and quickest way to get you funded. We’ll get your money as  soon as possible.

Just 3 step away

  • 1. Fill the online form. Apply Now
  • 2. Fill in the mandatory details, & click Submit
  • 3. Our advisor will get in touch with you shortly afterwards
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We work close with our Lending Partners

We analyze your particular business situation to the funding requirements and options available from over a dozen of our Traditional and Non-Traditional lending partners. We only present you to the partners willing to fund your deal.

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